The Peach Boy

 Long time ago, there was an old couple.
 One day the old man went to a mountain for work and his wife went to a river to do the washing.
 When she did the washing, a very big peach flew from an upper stream.
 "I got a nice thing" she said and ate that peach. It was indescribably delicious.
 She wanted her husband to eat this delicious peach, so she repeated.
 "Come another peach. I'll give it to my husband. Come another peach I'll give it to my husband."
 Then another huge peach flew from the upper stream.
She picked it up and brought it home.
  Later, when she tried to cut the peach with her husband
 the peach broke into two and a big baby boy appeared from the inside of it.
 "Wow, a baby appeared!"
 "Yes, let's take care of him."
 "That is good! Why don't we name him PEACH BOY because he was bone from a peach?"
 Then they grow him as their child and loved him very much.
One day, when Peach Boy had grown up, his neighbors asked him to go to mountain for work, but he didn't go with them.
The next day the neighbors asked him again, but he said "No".
The 3rd day was the same.
On the 4th day, he went to the mountain at last but soon he slept by a stump.
At noon he got up.
 "It' s a lunch time."
He ate a lot and fell asleep again.
When it became dark, the neighbors said to Peach Boy
"Let's go home".
Peach Boy gave a heavy yawn and pissed to a big tree then he pulled it out.
He brought the big tree to his home. The tree was too big to put around his house.
 As the old man and his wife had no idea where to put the tree, Peach Boy threw the tree into a river.
 The old man and his wife were surprised very much because it made a great noise.

  The end

Translator : Mochiko  

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