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onoHIgh General Science Commerce International

Ono Senior High School

Ono High School is enthusiastic about preserving its long-lived tradition, yet never hesitant about implementing necessary reforms at the same time. These endeavors have brought forth the educational system and the yearly schedule you can see here.

General course

Emphasis is placed on guaranteeing a variety of high-quality lessons and boosting self-reliant spirits. Interviews and guidance continually given by the teachers will help students discover their aptitude and future goals. Students will learn a wide range of subjects during their first year, and join either the humanities program or the science program beginning in their second year. Classes are carefully arranged to meet each student's needs in the third year.

Comprehensive science course

Students will attain a high level of academic ability in both science and humanities with the aim that they will become leaders in whatever professions they adopt in the future. This course stimulates students to gain logical thinking skills and a broader perspective of the world. Inherently provided are some unique subjects such as exploring which develops a problem-recognizing, problem-solving talent. Opportunities to visit academic institutions or attend lectures by university professors are also offered.

Commerce course

Focus is on educating students to become competent professionals in business. Students learn not only general subjects but also commerce subjects such as bookkeeping or information-processing. Some specialized subjects are provided so that students can obtain qualifications necessary for the world of commerce. Hands-on experience outside of school and lessons by guest lecturers are given as well.

International Economics course

Attention is paid to helping students fulfill the aim of becoming professionals in the international business world. Substantial amount of general lessons including those on English and Chinese is provided for students wishing to major in economics or foreign languages at universities. Commerce-related lessons like bookkeeping and unique lessons like tasks(theme-research) are also in the curriculum.