How to make a shakuhachi

I do not think that it understands well because this English is literal translation.


All shakuhachi manufactures are performed by handmade business. Therefore, it is difficult to make the same similar thing. Even if it makes the diameter of inner in exactly the same way by thickness thick of a bamboo, a tone is also different from relations, such as the depth of finger holl, and tuning is difficult.
In manufacture, gut and the opening tenacity of purpose which is not are required. Moreover, it makes repeating-many failure, and a good thing is not made unless it steps on experience.
giving -- being also prodigal -- it is that an idea does not start to make at once
I recommend you not to make in a hurry and to complete a procedure as this page and to be manufactured carefully.
It will realize that the price of a shakuhachi is also high.

The shakuhachi manufacturing method

By the time a shakuhachi is completed, the process to lower @-P will be stepped on in general. Please make from your own pace according to an order.

 @ Bamboo acquisition    If possible, it is straight and is a bamboo with thick meat.
 A Measurement cutting    It is to prevent mistakes about a patch art.
 B A ring is put.    In order to prevent the crack from a cut end, it carries out previously.
 C A handle is buried.    The inside of a bamboo is deleted and taken.
 D Paragraph omission    All paragraphs are removed.
 E A ground is put in.    It puts in, and it remains and a ground is not applied thickly.
 F the 1st time -- rough-planed    If it dries, rough-planed will be carried out and unevenness will be buried.
 G 1st paint    The inside of a pipe is applied in cashew paints.
 H Blowing-in mouth    It blows.
 I It carries out, if it is unevenness.    Unevenness is buried and leveled.
 J finger holl is opened.    The hole of a finger is broken to prevent mistakes.
 K Adjustment of the diameter of inner    Serious from here
 L Paint    It does not apply not much thickly.
 M K and L are repeated.  
 N A mouth is inserted in.    Reinforcement material will be inserted in if done.
 O Making outside.    The root of a lower joint is deleted finely.
 P Rattan is rolled.    Rattan is wound around a ring and, finally it is.

Tool A bamboo is taken.
A root is cut. Appraisal
Removal of excess oil Paragraph omission
Relay finger holl
Nozzle Ground
Grinding Tune
Cashew coating Finish

You have to start with the search for a bamboo first. The finer one which looks for a bamboo personally and which is not has a store called incorporated company "Mejiro" (the old Mejiro tool) in Mejiro in Tokyo.
Since much bamboo material is put on the store, a favorite bamboo can be chosen.
In this store, since the shakuhachi manufacture classroom is also opened, the tool and parts of making a various shakuhachi have also been placed.

The direction to all make from the beginning personally must go search [ a bamboo ]. It is not found if it does not go to the direction of a long distance for Takeyama to also decrease recently and to search.

It is said to be useless with it not being after the useless moisture in a bamboo getting down from autumn if it is not winter to enter into a mountain. Since cold one is disagreeable, the direction [ he wants to take at a warm season ]、I consider that it is better to stop only in summer.
It is damaged by the mosquito, if a mask is worn with a hat, boots, a glove, a long sleeve shirt, and a towel and full armaments are never carried out to take a bamboo in summer.When it comes out of Takebayashi, looks have changed.He has no getting [ tired ]-very mistake.
Since physical strength needs unearthing of a bamboo, it is it being avaricious and not digging how many.Since pains are taken to carry out (it understands if it does)、since thickness and a size are measured well -- prudent -- 2-3 place -- we recommend you to unearth

Please enter after surely refusing, since an owner is in a mountain. It digs silently and brings.It is a thief.

【Tools: Boots, a shovel, an ax, a saw, working gloves, a newspaper, a hat, a towel, a long sleeve shirt】
If a gauge etc. is made and brought and a bamboo is assigned, although it can be beforehand found early under the mark by the interval of a paragraph、Probably, you may say that there is no bamboo which suits exactly.
the portion out of which the bamboo has come to surface of the earth -- underground -- 30cm place -- a figure (form) is not known unless it digs
If a suitable bamboo is found, it is with a shovel first.The surroundings of a bamboo are dug.It lobbies.All roots will be exposed if it digs no less than 30cm.Then, if a bamboo is shaken forward and backward lightly, the direction of a subterranean stem is known.
It leaves more required portions of a bamboo and a upside unnecessary bamboo portion is cut off.
If an ax or a shovel cuts a subterranean stem, the whole will fall out simply.If a bamboo is strongly shaken not much before cutting a subterranean stem, HIBI will go into the portion used as the hips of a pipe.Since the difficulties dug with much trouble come to nothing, cautions are required.
Since the thin portion of a bamboo is applicable to relay, the place of suitable thickness is chosen, cut and brought home.

【Tools: A driver, tree scissors】
Length regards the cut-down bamboo as winning about 1m place.
Since mud and the stone are got blocked in the root, it must be quite heavy.
If there is a river etc. while stacking and returning to a car、The mud carefully got blocked with the river in the root is picked with a driver etc., and mud is dropped.Don't strike to a stone pavement etc. by any means.A bamboo will break.
After cutting off a hair root etc. carefully with tree scissors, it washes out the mud got blocked between roots.While washing, the hips part of a pipe can be seen gradually.It is just going to divide into or or this one of whether disappointment is carried out with which it passes through and is pleased. A photograph is unearthed and just washed out the root.Since mud is attached, it is quite heavy.

【Tools: A vinyl tape, a scale, a pipe cutter, a bamboo end saw】
If it brings home, again, the interval condition of a paragraph and the position of a finger hole will be considered, and it will be decided for a what sun shakuhachi, on the whole, it can use.
As for a shakuhachi, it is beautiful in form that Section 4 is in from one hole before the hips of a pipe with Section 7 on the whole as standard.
On the whole, with Section 7, since the bamboo whose size suits exactly is not found easily, between is adjusted 4 holes with three holes, it cuts, the paragraph on one is adjusted, and it is made the target size.。

If the size of an upper joint and a lower joint is determined, a saw will cut.If the vinyl tape etc. is beforehand twisted around the cutting portion, it can prevent turning over an outer skin.
Although cutting uses the saw only for bamboos, since it does not go out straightly, if it attaches the end eye beforehand by the commercial pipe cutter, it will not turn at it.
After removal of excess oil, cutting is performed, after drying. It does not mistake.

【Tools: Gas moveable cooking stoves (oilstove etc.)、Towel】

(1)  How to boil by the iron potSince there is the same as having boiled the bamboo shoot which puts in and boils water in an iron pot a good smell, I want to come to eat. If the green of a bamboo disappears, it will take out from an iron pot. Bamboo material becomes weak although this method is quick. 

(2)  How to roast over fireSince it will burn if it brings close not much, although roasted over direct fire, cautions are required. It roasts uniformly, wiping off with cloth, since the color of a bamboo will discolor white from green and oil will ooze from a bamboo, if it roasts. 

The next day which will apply dryness to the sun on direct circle the first extracts blueness completely an opposite side.It is made to dry until the color of a bamboo disappears to the completeness which performs by drying in the shade after that and is hung under the eaves etc. by the rope.Although those for whom it is not waiting although it will usually be put to sleep one to two years also have the hand remade again once they make, it cannot not much progress.But I want to make early.・・・。
The curved bamboo corrects by carrying out restir-frying.

【Tools: The stick which extracts a paragraph, a hammer, pliers, a chestnut knife, a high bit, an electric drill, stick YASURI, a GARI stick】

Before removing excess oil, I consider that it is better to extract a paragraph.A paragraph is extracted by the thing (thickness grade of 1cm) which was able to sharpen the steel stick.If it goes to a steel place, I will think that I have you make simply. Moreover, if I also have the thing into which the point was struck level, it was made the shape of HERA, and YAKI was put made together, it will be helpful later also at the time of ground coating.


Since the paragraph is crowded, the hips part of a pipe is impossible by this method.A paragraph is extracted turning a handle from the hips of a pipe in an electric drill or a high bit.The hips of a pipe are extended scooping out with a knife, if it escapes from all, and it is failed by stick YASURI to shave a paragraph.a grounder -- near a paragraph is seldom dropped.It will be generally good, if a little finger (it cannot say not at all since thickness changes with people) is put in from the hips of a pipe and it enters to the root of a finger.

【Tools: Ruled line writing, a graver, HOZO, half-circle YASURI, common YASURI, paper YASURI, a woodwork bond, relay decoration, a stainless steel ring, an wooden hammer】
The cut field is level leveled by YASURI.Although wind around a relay part by rattan, put a ring, the skin of a cherry tree is rolled or there is various liking of everybody, if rattan goes to a bamboo ware store, it will be divided at cost.Although the outer skin of a bamboo is deleted when putting a ring.A ring is shaved at the grade driven with an wooden hammer, shaving off carefully with a knife using ruled line writing also at this time, and leveling it by common YASURI.If it inserts in at the grade which drives a ring, a bamboo will not break later.

The bamboo for relay(17-18mm of diameters of inner, a length of 36mm.An outer skin is deleted by the paper YA pickpocket, and is made in a dropping true circle. )In order to insert a handle, ruled line writing is united with 17mm, and it is KEGAKU deeply about a patch circles side.A relay portion is hollowed using a graver.Although an upper joint is deleted similarly, if the bamboo cut into 3mm round slices at the upper joint side is embedded at back, it will be finished in superior at the time of ground coating.If a vertical pipe can also be suited, the handle of a lower joint part is fixed with the bond for woodwork.set

I think that quite advanced technology is in making relay correctly.On the other hand, it is also a plan that a crevice buys caulking material and buries it.
If there is a crevice here, since it will influence next tuning, it is necessary to make so that a cashew may be applied and dried first and there may be no breath leak.

【Tools: A masking tape, an electric drill, a drill edge, a knife, half-circle YASURI】
It looks at the whole bamboo and the front is decided.If the front is decided, a central line will be taken out using ruler.Although a finger hole is made using an electric drill after inscribing a finger hole position, since the outer skin of a bamboo is turned over with an ordinary drill edge, KIRI for finger holes is used.When there is no KIRI for finger holes, Oana is made using 3 TSU eye KIRI, and it enlarges little by little with the knife.
When you enlarge the hole with the chestnut knife, don't delete from the fiber and opposite direction of a bamboo.Since sound becomes high, the 3rd hole is opened a little in KANJIRI slippage more smallish.

【Tools: A graver, YASURI for workmanship, reinforcement material, ARON alpha, woodwork YASURI, a set square, a pencil】
  1. I shave the squares of the buffalo and have the song mouth.
  2. It is failed by the saw , the small canna, or woodwork YASURI to delete the part which embeds reinforcement material at 25-35-degree grade.
  3. A form (punishment type and semicircle) is written in for the portion in which reinforcement material is inserted with a pencil using a set square (30 degrees) or a coin.
  4. It cuts off under slanting with a graver or the knife for workmanship.
  5. It deletes preparing a form so that the made reinforcement material may be fitted in correctly.
  6. If it fits in beautifully, it's fixed for a bond.
  7. It is failed by YASURI to delete the reinforcement material which overflowed outside.

It can enter and is direction 1.
It can enter and is direction 2.

【Tools: Ground material, such as bamboo Bella, a ground of a cashew, TONOKO, powder of the ground, and a woodwork filling bond】
Before applying the ground, a paragraph is dropped completely. Although it is not necessary to drop all finely, the grade which becomes an uneven cause is dropped.

Here, how to finish in cashew paints without using Japanese lacquer is stated.It comes in the same quantity and the ground and TONOKO of a cashew are mixed.
Since quantity is seldom required when making from a hobby, although what is necessary is just to use Japanese lacquer.A cashew is way-treatment-easy and it is not influenced.It can do at a low price for a start.
The made ground is put on bamboo HERA and it applies into a pipe.Since it is difficult, applying at once applies little by little carefully.
If the direction with a cashew which mixes and cannot do condition well goes to a Sunday carpentry store, it has fillers, such as a filling bond for woodwork.
In 8 sun of 1 syaku, it is from near UTAKUTI to the central part.(20mm)、Relay part(17.5mm)、GOROFUSI(15mm)、KANNJIRI(18mm)The above is applied to a standard.It applies numbers of times until it becomes smooth carefully.

When there is no gauge which measures the diameter of inner, a 1 yen ball is 20mm exactly.It will become a splendid gauge, if the hole of 1 yen is made in a ball and it fixes by bamboo HIGO.Since there are various sizes' also in the button of clothing, it will become a gauge, if it measures with slide calipers and makes similarly.

Since unevenness can be clearly seen if it finishes applying, and it will dry at once, and a mirror will be put on KANJIRI or KANJIRI will be turned and peeped into to the brighter one, unevenness is again fill uped with a ground.

【Tools: A polish stick, paper YASURI, cloth YASURI, water paper YASURI】

The thing which became unnecessary [ a bamboo sword ](Width grade length of 1cm 40cm:)This same thing (5-10cm) is previously stuck with omnipotent adhesives.Cloth YASURI or paper YASURI is stuck on this.(The following figure)、The inside of a pipe is deleted so that there may be no unevenness.It applies with pen, thinning a cashew and mixing with liquid, since it fails to wipe shaving dregs well.

Unevenness looks new when it gets dry.The place again dented in grounds (filling bond for woodwork etc.) is filled.If it gets dry, a cashew will be applied again.This is repeated repeatedly.

If it repeats several times, the inner side of a pipe will become a vine vine.Unevenness can be more seen, if a pipe is peeped into straightly or it is made slanting. The depressed place is filled up and it is failed to delete a protruding place. If a vertical pipe is connected, it understands better.

If it gets dry well, it blows still more.Immediately, if it sounds, it will be great and a large object will not sound here.If it has done without a patch part's carrying out exactly and a breath leaking, although the balance of the diameter of inner of an upper joint and a lower joint is good, and it will sound
It is [ whether the inside of a pipe is observed well here and there is any distortion into a pipe, and ] investigation well.If some grounds are applied to the dented portion and it dries Paper YASURI is stuck and leveled to pre- grinding in a pipe.YASURI waste is paid and a cashew is applied again.
one-day place -- it sets, if it gets dry, a concavo-convex portion will be investigated again, and the same work is repeated.
Tuning uses a tuner and unites it with 442kHz of an international pitch.Since the pitch of sound is changed according to temperature, a winter season needs to heat and tune the room.

【Tools: A cashew paint, cashew thinning liquid, a brush, a plate】
Although Japanese lacquer is used in a pipe, since it is not a merchant, a cashew paint is used instead of Japanese lacquer.
Since the direction to use Japanese lacquer sells the thing included in the tube if it is hung and goes to a curio dealer, it considers that it is better to use it.
The cashew paint is sold if it goes to a Sunday carpentry center etc. It thins suitably using the thinning liquid of this and a cashew, and applies by HAKE.
HAKE is carefully applied thinly using a paints brush.
Since it is hard to apply it if a paints brush remains as it is, if a point-of-a-brush portion is bent on pliers etc., it will become easy to apply it.

If unevenness is lost in a pipe, a cashew will be applied thinly and it will be in the end.
not blowing in a hurry, even if it thinks that it got dry -- please set for circle one day.
If UTAGUTI is ground with a grinding stone, it will be finished finely.
If it goes to a fishing tackle store, since there is FISHINGU rod oil, if you buy this, a few is attached to cloth and a shakuhachi is polished, beautiful gloss will come out.
It is good for appearance that three turning points drop a root from the bottom finely.It grinds, after failing to delete by SANDA.If the last is rubbed at the bottom of a teacup, gloss will come out of it.

Manufacture shakuhachi

As mentioned above, although the manufacture method has been described with an idea, making a shakuhachi is the work in which perseverance is. Please do your best, without giving up. Tuning is most difficult too.
It still writes and a insufficient place modifies. If it reads, I will think whether to be such a thing. structure of this shakuhachi -- a portion with the secret direction -- shakuhachi manufacture -- a teacher has it does not teach briefly right [ that ] -- it will stop becoming trade
please make to a trial at once -- since it turns out well that it is difficult.There are many those whom time does not understand to be these.
The person who read all so far is ERAI.The inside of your head is the same as a splendid shakuhachi maker. The rest is dependent on an arm.